Question about V-ray random light issue

I´m not sure if anyone can help me, I use rhino all the time but don´t normally render out of it. When I tried to render something simple with V-ray it keeps on showing this darn light in the corner, no matter if I mess with the sun, move the model around or anything, it constantly appears. Any ideas of what the heck it is??

Well, it definitely looks like a light. Is it hidden light or an a layer that is turned off? Don’t assume the light is coming from a light that you can see.

If it is a light that you can see and select, just delete it and create a new one. Some setting could be out of whack.

Another guess is that the light is pointing straight up into the camera.Check its direction from a side view.

Finally, you could have accidentally changed any number of settings that have messed up the exposure. Do the ‘V-Ray reset’ and click on the ‘Load Defaults’ at the top left of the V-Ray Options, third icon.

Thank you for the quick reply!
Is there anyway to “display all lights” or something?
It is a file I´m updating for someone else, so hypothetically there could be a light somehwere, I just don´t know where it is…

Rhino’s SelLight command will select all visible lights.
In case it’s burried in some layer or hidden with the Hide command, in V-Ray’s Options under “Global switches” you can clear the option “Hidden lights” and you’ll be sure if it’s a light or not.

I did both of those suggestions and no hidden light appeared. If I put a box around the model and try to render it, then it´s perfectly fine, so there is a darn light somewhere in the file, but I ca´t find it. I´ve already gone through and tried to move everything to new models and no matter what, that glowing light still appears…

Aha! It’s probably the environmental lighting and/or the camera exposure. Check the environment settings as shown below.

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