Lights don't render


I have a rectangular frame, suspended (assume a roof).

I added a rectangular light on the inner top part of the frame.

These are my Global Settings (you can request more settings snaps):

Here is the final render:

First, make sure the light didn’t get turned off. Look under Properties.

Second, while you’re there, increase the light’s intensity. Such a narrow light may need a much higher value to be seen. Multiply the output by 5x or 10x and re-render. It usually takes me a few tries to get the output right.

Hello schultzeworks,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I double checked that the light (rect.) is enabled in properties and increased the light intensity to very high values (30, 300, 3000, 30000 …).

No light in final render.

Then I loaded the default render settings, deleted and created new rect. light, and iterated with settings above.

No light in final render.

As far as I can understand, I don’t think the problem lies with the VRay render options.

Are there any higher global switches somewhere that control my lights??

Let’s try something:

  • click V-Ray’s ‘Load Defaults’
  • Ctrl+N in Rhino
  • add sphere
  • add rectangular light
  • turn off skylight (V-Ray Options -> Environment -> GI Skylight
  • render

Can you see light?

I see light.

I went back and added a light above my rect. frame.

It worked.

Conclusion, I figured the rectangular light in the frame was always on.
It was just embedded under the skin of the frame.
Just had to move it down a little.

Thank you @MarcusStrube und @schultzeworks !!

Some times you just gotta teach the man to fish.

Aha … the old “my light was blocked by geometry” error. Glad you got it fixed.