Vray rhino - weird lightsource

I can see this weird light source i vray for rhino render, but can’t find it in rhino. Anyone help!?
The problem is this light thing that i makes on the building facade


Could it be that your mode is very far away from the origin? This can cause render errors and make the underlaying polygons visible. If this is the case you need to move your model center to (0,0,0,).


What I would do is to export a .vrscene file and check for Light*** plugins. This would tell me what kind of light source it is - rectangular, dome, spherical, etc…

If the light is exported it shall be listed somewhere - either in the Asset Editor or in the Rhino light table. If I don’t see it in both of those places, I would make a small script to fetch the lights from both places and make sure neither Rhino, nor AE is hiding something from the display.

And lastly - I would open the .3dm file with a hex editor, and look for the same Light**** plugin I found in the .vrscene - this will tell me if the light is a leftover serialization from a very old scene that got buggy or something.