Question about the Bake Geometry from Human Tools


(Sonny Weaver) #1

Dear sir Andrew,

I have problem with the “Bake Geometry” from HUMAN, when I will bake (per example the Dot Display or the Custom Preview Component) with this procedure.

The error log is “Data conversion failed from Goo to Geometry”

p.s.: I use this step with the Human UI windows.

Thanks, and have a nice day!!

Greetings from Munich

(Andrew Heumann) #2

I think you are mixing up two different approaches; you are passing a set of Grasshopper components to the “bake geometry” component instead of passing geometry. I am not sure what you want to happen by baking a custom preview component - this component has no bake functionality. As for the dot display, this can be baked programmatically using “Bake Object” from metahopper, something like this: