Baking from the Remote Control Panel

Hi all, I’m wondering if there is a way to bake from the Remote Control Panel? So that you can change all parameters and do the baking from the panel without having to touch Grasshopper. I think it can be useful if I make a grasshopper definition for other people who don’t know anything about Grasshopper.

@siemen, i am no expert with this but below seems to work if you publish the Bake button to the remote panel. (8.0 KB)



I need to double check my assumptions before posting here. I thought the last time I tried it was not possible to publish buttons to the remote panel.

You can do it with the human plugin.

that will give you a ‘bake geometry’ button.
combine with the bake button. params/input/button


So in 2019 Rhino 6 Gh1 there is no BAKE componente by default?