Bake Object to Layer - Display Mode in Create Attributes?

Is it possible to set the Display Mode of objects being baked to a layer through the Create Attributes component of Human?

When using the native Grasshopper right-click command to Bake a Preview Geometry component, the option to set the display mode is present. With that option, it appears my baked geometry can be locked to rendered (or another type), which is what I want while everything else is wire.

I posted about part of this to the Rhino thread as I’m confused why that option to set the display mode is only available in the right-click bake menu and doesn’t appear anywhere else. Ultimately I would like to be able to automate baking a little better which is where Human has come the closest, but none of the component families for Grasshopper seem to include a way to adjust the display mode of the baked object/layer.

I don’t necessarily need to be able to change this display mode once the objects are baked. What I would like to avoid however is having to right click - bake the results of an analysis every time I complete the script in order to get certain objects to be in their rendered mode. Please see the screen below showing the right click menu which does exactly what I want it to, but I can’t figure out how to automate that.