Baking Geometry from Human UI


Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I’m having a problem with baking geometry from the Human UI plug-in. I’m trying to bake different geometry in specific layers in Rhino using Elefront components. Apparently there is a problem that i can’t seem to figure out: there’s an error in the Elefront component saying “Please double-triple check your data tree structures to see if they all line up”. I tried flattening the data tree but it didn’t seem to solve my problem. Hence why I’m asking for your help.

Thank you again for your time !

Below is a screenshot of my work showcasing both the error and the algorithm.

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Have you connected the panel to the Geometry?

@ralphkarkafi Use Human UI’s Define Object Attributes component instead.

You’ll need to use Define object attributes component and have matching paths.

if if you have one value or layer to apply you can use a flat list of 1 against your grafted Geometry as well (like Luke’s example above)

Hello again,

@drilonshabani, I didn’t quite understand the question, can you elaborate please?

@Lukxf @Japhy, I just tried both methods (matching paths and Luke’s example), still receiving the same error…

Here’s 2 Screenshot showing both methods

Method 1: Luke’s example

Method 2: Matching Path, Japhy’s example.

What is going into the V? it needs a key.

I’m not sure what the component is going into the layer as well. (never mind that’s the UI value)

Another thing that would cause this error would be a null value in your geometry tree. (Clean tree component, remove empty)

Best not to run through the panel in this case either.

@Japhy geometry from a pipe component is going into the V, as for the key i just added 0 key1 and still receive the same error message.
Note that there is no null values in the geometry tree.

What should one do in such an endavor?

If you can post the file i could tell. Internalize the breps and values. Remove the UI components as well. Thanks.

Hey @ralphkarkafi. Geometry shouldn’t go into the V input. The V input is for adding values (for key-value pairings). I’ve attached my script for you to see/copy/edit. Might save @Japhy having to edit yours. (14.9 KB)


@Lukxf it worked!

Everybody, Thank you so much for your taking the time to help me out.
Appreciate it so much.