Question about displacement render mesh modifier

Is there any way to make small part of displacement texture and apply it to the surface as an array? (like U/V/W Repeat in texture mapping panel and textures panel)

You can do that with a PBR material, where you use that texture in the displacement slot. Just remember to bump up the density of the object’s custom render mesh.

There are two problems:

  1. When I make the PBR material and turn on displacement map in its detailed settings (shown in the following screenshot), the object disappears in rendered view, it does not show displacement in shaded view, and Rhino crashes in raytraced view.
  2. There is no way to set the array of the PBR material - there is nothing in its detailed settings or anywhere else that can do it.

I have just found the solution - there is option in the properties panel, displacement page, which can make the array. This option (pen-shaped button) displays floating window shown in the following screenshot.

Depending on how you view your object you may have a case that it gets displaced outside the viewport.

Material texture mapping settings like the repeat are set in the texture, so click on the texture in the material and scroll down to the mapping section.

I hope you send in crash reports.

I could not find any “texture” buttons in the material panel, but I have just found the array settings in the texture panel.

I always do.

With the PBR material selected in the Materials panel you’ll see the PBR settings. In a channel you will have a texture. Click that texture. You’ll be presented with the texture settings.

I think the latest reports haven’t perculated through the processing system yet, newest I see is from July 20. I’ll keep my eye out for the newer reports, thanks in advance.

edit: @andrew.nowicki crash reports do keep coming in, but from you the newest I see is still from July 20th. I used the e-mail address we have on file here on Discourse to search for reports. Let me know if you used a different address instead.