Physically based material settings irresponsive


Just testing the new physically based materials in Rhino BETA (7.0.20294.14003, 20.10.2020).
I imported a material from textures I found on the internet. All seems good, in rendered mode (and when rendering) the materials and textures seem to work fine…

The displacement texture seems to offset the surfaces a lot, also creating gaps between the faces of geometry (see attached screenshot). I thought I’d reduce the strength of the map by changing the slider in the material properties dialog. While the number changes, it has no effect. If I leave and re-enter the dialog, the number is reset. The same is true for most other settings/toggles etc in this dialog. Is this a bug?

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P.S: would it be a good idea to be able to toggle displacemenrt maps in viewport modes? The gaps are quite annoying when modelling…

Displacement is a special beast, especially together with Rhino surfaces from extrusions.

Firstly, the box you added will result in a very simple mesh. Rhino such hard edges as on this box are always unwelded in the render mesh. Since they are unwelded there is nothing keeping the corners of each face together. Applying displacement will result in the gaps you see.

Secondly, for displacement to have a good visible effect you need a lot of dense geometry in that box. Now, with extrusions the fun part is that you can’t set custom render mesh settings, but once it becomes a polysurface you can. Remember though that you need a lot of geometry in the mesh for displacement to be good.

Anyway, for such a simple shelf you probably don’t need the displacement map. In most cases the normal map will suffice.

To turn off displacement while modelling just uncheck the texture channel, or set its amount/strength to 0.

Nathan, this makes sense, thanks. However, entering a new value for the strength/amount doesn’t work… It is on 100 to begin with. I can type in a new number but this has no effect. If I close and reopen the material editor, the value is back at 100.
Disabling the mapping channel works but is of course less elegant as it also disables the bump map?

I don’t see the change not sticking here.

Anyway, here a short screencast of how mesh density affects displacement map quality

Hi Nathan, here a small screen capture showing that changes to the displacement map slider do not stick in my setup (7.0.20294.14003, 20.10.2020).

I created the pbm from textures
I select the object, slide the displacement map slider from 0.1 to 0.71
I deselect the object
I select the object again and the slider is back to 0.1
The behaviour is the same if I type in a number and confirm the change with enter.
I tried this on two different machines.

@maxsoder, are you able to reproduce this issue?

I cannot reproduce the problem. @dgebreiter Where did you get the material from. Was it from some website? I could download it and test it.


I have been able to reproduce this. I have written more about this issue in another thread.

yes I created the material from textures downloaded from
Note I unchecked the “lock file beacuse it comes from another computer” checkbox in the texture’s file properties.

cool! Looking forward to this being fixed! Many thanks!

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