Texture Settings for PBR materials Needs Improvement

  • #1. The dialog for PBR materials has some strange default values for Displacement Map ( = 0.01 ) which balloons the object it is applied to (in this case the steel axle).

Fig.1, The steel axle looks like a balloon with Displacement Map’s default value = 0.01.

  • #2. If I reduce the value to 0.001 (1/100) then the displacement turns civilized again but - the last digit ( is not visible in the dialog if using more than two decimals.

Fig.2, Typing in 0.001 the axle goes back to normal, but not Rhino’s input field (0.00):

  • #3. Since the material size often needs to be resized, the dialog should have an input field which can set the size for all textures in one go. Not fun to click 5+ times to set all five of them to the same value and find out that it wasn’t good enough, and try with a different value and… so on. :slight_smile:

  • #4. If importing a PBR material directly from a zip file, it seems the textures doesn’t land correctly in their respective slots (or whatever gets stuck half done) because the textures doesn’t show correctly unless first unpacking the zip-file before loading the files.

Using R7.7.21131.13001, 2021-05-11

// Rolf

The current default is 1 centimeter. This will be converted to whatever value that is in the current model unit setting is. I guess that is going to be a problem if you need sub-centimeter displacement in a meter model.

I believe the setting is limited to to decimals after the decimal separator. Is that correct @andy ?

Anyway, logged as RH-64214 Need more precision in displacement amount control (PBR)

I just yesterday posted a video showing how to do that with materials panel set to tree control:

I had no problem doing so in the video linked to above. Maybe repeatable steps with accompanying data would be good to have.

Aha, I didn’t see that video in the search results on PBR, but yes, now I see how I can modify a bunch of items in one go. I never saw that little tree-option. The help file didn’t help either :). Anyway, thanks for this, it will make life a lot easier.

// Rolf