Query Families output - text list?

I just wonder if Query Families should indeed output families as a text list?
I ran a couple of times already into situations where I wanted to connect Query Families output with Family Identity or Family Types input.

You can use Panels and select the streaming mode with a right-click.

Or if you want to format CSV style text file so it can look in a spreadsheet.

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Hi, thanks.

  1. What is the name of this component p,g ? It doesn’t seem to be from vanilla Grasshopper.

  2. The thing is that I want the opposite.
    I don’t want Families as a list of strings. I expected a List of Revit Family Primitives so I can use them as an input for the Family Identity or Family Types components.

Query Types outputs Type Primitive, Query Families IMO should output Family Primitive. I can convert Family Primitive to text by connecting Panel if I need to.

Hi Barden00, See this post to why the Query Families outputs text.

The create CSV is from the Lunchbox plugin

Here’s a quick way to get all families and types as well.

Now I got a better understanding.