Family Filter and Query Family outputting text instead of a Revit family

Hey! Two issues:

  1. Is there a plan to add a Family Filter?

  2. The Query Families component is outputting text instead of a Revit family. I am guessing that is a bug, isn’t it?

I am using the 1.2.7937.23994 version and Revit 2020.2.5.

Thanks for the amazing work guys, and looking forward to new developments. This is surely making our lives easier at work!!

Hi @libnypacheco,

Since Revit has System Families and Component Families we need a way to handle both. The problem is System Families do not have any representation on Revit API besides its name. That’s why we reference families here as texts.

You can do your own Famly Filter like this.

As you can see this filter is not the fastest ever since is a combination of two slow filters, Type Filter is the slow one here, and tooks 4.5s to run the Query.

Alternatively, if you don’t need a Filter to combine it latter on a more complex one, but you just need the result, there is a fastest way skipping the Type Filter and getting the instances of each Type using the Type Instances and then trimming the tree to have same data structure that only takes 1.5s.


Thanks for your quick answer!

And sorry for my late gratitude :relieved:

Hi @libnypacheco,

No problem at all.
It’s so many time that we had time to add ‘Family Filter’ on v1.3. :wink:

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