Feature Requst: Query Family output Family

Since there are at least 6 posts on this forum reporting the Query Family output text than family bug, with the earliest one dated 4 years ago, and 3 posts within last 4 months. I think many people are struggling with this.

I saw there are solutions like this

from 3 years ago, can we integrate this as a new node in the next release?
I think it will benefit a lot of users from confusion and searching online.
And probably re-name the original Query Family output as Family Name?


Does the Query Types or Family Filter fit your requirements?

The Query Family component is a bit superfluous but existing definitions may rely on it.

I think all the new posts about this bug show that people are really confused.
So this wish is to integrate @kike s solution into the current Query Family node as new output options, “Family” and “Family Name”

or create a new node that actually gets the “Family”, (or get “System Family” and “Component Family” individually)

Understood, it is confusing and rather needless component at this point.

Family Name List (text only) would be an a more helpful hint. The Type icon is too ambiguous and the only indication that it is a text output.

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