Query Families component returns string

The “Query Families” component just returns a string instead of a DB.Family -which to me seems a bit useless as it can’t be casted to family. Is this the intended behavior?


You are right this needs to be fixed.

Hi Kike, has this been resolved? I can’t seem to get the loaded families in Revit. I want to edit their parameters but I can’t because I can’t reference them from Revit to Rhino.

@attheeast18 There is a reason the component outputs family names. A lot of families in Revit are System Families (are not editable) and do not have a representation in the API. This component returns the names of families so you can use the query type to find the types for a family whether it is a system or custom family.

Will this be fixed soon?

This makes a lot of family related scripts hard to achieve. For instance, “Save Component Family” requires a DB.family instead of srting to work. If some automatic process happend in front of that component, that process will be broken. “View Element” → “Element Type” → “Type Identity” -->“Type Family” -->“String”, then the chain stopped here. Users have to pick family from “Component Family Picker” one by one to feed the “Save Component Family”.


An alternative to the Family Component Picker would be to Query the Family class.

Hi @attheeast18,

Here a cluster to convert Family Name to Family.
RiR-QueryComponentFamily.gh (20.2 KB)

You can save it on your toolbar as a user object like this.

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Hey Japhy, seems Class filter is not working for all the classes. Is it still in process?

I believe that’s a regression. Thanks for reporting.

Hi @hali1,

Right now ‘Query Elements’ do not query Types, please use ‘Query Types’ for this or ‘Query View Types’ in this specific case.