Quantity of active licenses worldwide

Hi, can any company man let me know the stat for this? Thanks.

Hi Paul,

I am not sure we can answer this. Why this knowing this important to you? What problem does it help you solve?

– Dale

Hi Dale. I mean for example SolidWorks claim to have 1.5 million+ active licenses and Autodesk have given some numbers for Inventor somewhere.
The quantity of licenses is very important when considering which CAD package to choose to teach students because it is relevant what number of jobs are using which CAD package.
Can you not ballpark the number?

Wouldn’t it be more relevant what software potential employers are using?

If I was McNeel I’d be very hesitant to state any numbers relating to number of licenses, etc. based on how other folks might use or mis-use such numbers.

The reality is we’ve never found it important to track. Early on, when we were printing paper manuals, we estimated number of users based on how many manuals we shipped/printed. Imperfect but easy.

Even then, how do you estimate the number of active users with a single key code 30-user lab license? A large proportion of Rhino licenses are in education.

In an effort to stay efficient, what real value would this information be to our users? None that we can think of.
That sort of thing is more important to the board and bean-counters at publicly traded corporations. We are 100% privately held. We don’t have stockholders pulling us away from staying focused on our customers.

Hi @PR1,

Here are a couple of links that may help you.


How many Rhino users?

– Dale

How is that not exactly what I am asking? Quantity of active licenses is directly related to how many are in use in industry. I do not care about educational versions.

Hi Dale, I have already seen this but it is only 540 companies which reply and likely limited to the US only. Not very reliable compared to total number of active licenses.

Hi @PR1,

We could throw out a large number out for you. But a claimed number of active users might not be an accurate indicator of what is really used to get work done. You may need to speak with those who are actually doing the work - rather than us :wink:.

What skills are employers requiring of new hires?

What tools are former students using in their daily work?

What skills are your students asking for?

– Dale