How many Rhino for Mac users are there?


A few days ago I saw a topic in a 3D print magazine with someone running Rhino for MAC.
In the last couple of years I have encountered quite a few clients that directly or indirectly had people working with Rhino for Mac. With the first commercial version not far from release I was wondering what all this beta users are going to do, and I wondered how many users are there?
Are there public figures of how many active users there are?

Just curious,

About 300,000 I think was the number of registered users I heard. Active or not, hard to tell. --Mitch

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Wow! That’s way more than i thought there might be!

That seems absurdly high. That would mean roughly 1 of every 1000 people in the US is a Mac Rhino user. Granted I’m ignoring the international user count, but that seems like a ginormous number of Mac based cad users. Then again, there isn’t exactly a lot of decent alternatives on the platform so who knows. I have no idea how many people use CAD apps.

If it is correct, that’s a sizable force to be reckoned with. Maybe if we all banded together and bitched to Tim Cook for more or less blowing off the computer hardware aspect of the business and destroying a once great OS because there’s way better profit margin in a watch band, we might be able to get a decent platform again to run Rhino on going forward.



As long as we’re in that neck of the woods…