Large quantity of licenses

When a company likes to upgrade 50 or more licenses, I assume that they have to add them one by one in the Zoo?

And what if they installe the Zoo on a new server?

Or are there easier ways to add multiple licences at once.

Yesterday a customer had the complaint that it is silly work and he had to do 12 licenses…


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One of the problems is that all the licenses have to be validated as well… It would be good to be able to batch import licenses (from something like a csv file) and be able to batch validate as well… But I don’t think this is currently possible.

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Hi Mitch,

That was what my client mentioned as a possibility with other software. He said that the Rhino approach appears to be amateuristic for larger companies.

I keep my fingers crossed for a couple of customers who own more than 50 licenses…

Yeah, me too…

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Yeah, we would be one of those.

I noticed in the latest Zoo that there is an export command.


I’m almost positive that older versions also had an import command. It would be great to be able to populate a spreadsheet and import all of the licenses into the Zoo. But, as Mitch mentioned, there is still the validation issue.

Then there is registering the licenses. That’s going to take a while too. But, I’m not complaining. I’m happy to have V6 and really, this only comes up once every 5 years, so it’s not that big of an issue.


Thank you Dan for your reply.

It’s all a matter of perspective after all :slight_smile:
I am glad for you that you are grateful with Rhino 6 and happy to invest efforts in installing and activating V6 in your company every 5 years.
However a cad manager who is used to other systems capable of doing multiple licenses with less efforts. Not to mention the necessity to register and validate each individual license…

To my opinion it makes sense that McNeel puts serious efforts in this in order to make larger companies happy embracing large quantities of Rhino licenses.

I would agree, a more streamlined process for bigger companies would be welcome. Just allowing us to import licenses into the Zoo from a spreadsheet would help a lot.


Hi @Gerard, @Helvetosaur, @DanBayn: we do have a 50-seat license available for commercial customers. Contact your reseller or local McNeel office for details.

– Dale

Hi @dale -
What about upgrades from 50(+) individual V5 licenses to a 50 seat license…?

Thx, --Mitch

Hi @Helvetosaur,

Yep, we are willing to convert 50 singles into one big 50 user license…

– Dale

OK, that’s cool, thanks - does that complicate validation considering that the 50 original V5’s might have been validated with 50 different e-mail addresses (nightmare scenario)?

I can’t answer the complication thing. You’ll need to speak with @carlosperez about this.

– D

Hi Mitch, Gerard, Dan,

If a large organization send us 50 single-user licenses, after reviewing that all of them are valid, that upgrades were done correctly, etc., we can send them a single key (it’s like a Lab license for 50 users) and disable all the single licenses.

Then the customer will be able to buy a V6 “50-seats” Upgrade license (there’s no part number yet, this needs to be ordered by e-mail).

And yes, sometimes it’s a nightmare :slight_smile: As you will imagine this is a lot of manual work for us, so the customer will need to wait a few days.


OK, thanks Carlos! I guess the other questions I have is if the company has an odd number of licenses - say, 67 - they still need a 50 + 17 singles? And, of course, what are the projected pricing/discounts on a 50 seat license…

Cheers, --Mitch

@Helvetosaur @Gerard currently only 50-user and singles only.

Thank you for the info.

So my conclusion is that for now, McNeel can/will only convert 50-singles into one 50 license?
For all those customers who have 10+ licenses or even 20+, it would be very nice if McNeel is willing to convert those too into Carlos’ idea of 10/20/25.
The gap in installation time between 1 and 50 is pretty large now. :slight_smile:

The problem for us is that we have our licenses divided between stand alones and the Zoo. So the 50 number doesn’t work for us.