Percentage of students and professionals using Rhinoceros vs. Revit vs. CAD

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I am brand new to the forum so i’m not completely sure how to do this.

I am currently in graduate school for architecture and am doing my thesis project on grasshopper and parametrics. I am trying to compile data on which computer programs are currently being utilized by students and in the professional world. But I am having trouble finding these numbers. I would like to compare Rhino, Revit and AutoCAD.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out/point me in the right direction.

I think I saw some quoted stats somewhere on the forum; from memory it was not necessarily a reputable (unbiased) source.

I will edit this post with the link then I find it:

EDIT: I think this is it:

Not exactly the comparison you were after but might give you some sources to work with?
You might find some big resellers have market analysis they might share for research? (Novedge?). I can’t speak for thier motivations; but they have a reason to be interested in similar data…

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Thank you so much!! This is a very helpful start and a very interesting report!

Just don’t take the title of that thread seriously.

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OT: yeah I agree. would be good to curate some thread titles every now and then…

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some raw primary research can be found here

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