CAD advertisements

After some random youtube surfing last night I came upon this ad playing at the beginning:

The same add was playing for a video that came up for a search for robert mcneel.

Then I youtube searched autodesk and this was theirs:

I wouldn’t mind seeing some decent ads for Rhino some day.

Hmmm… I guess the price of Rhino just went up!


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HaHa Pascal! But seriously, I figured a few well placed/targeted ads could easily net a few hundred more license sales a year, minimum. I think that’s being conservative too. That should cover the expense of a simple but well done video that can at least sit on a youtube page, and then get served into ad space.
Does anyone have any current #s on the the active license base for Rhino? Also, I’m trying to dig up #s on how many 3d CAD users are out there world wide. Not easy to find those numbers.
I found this old one from 2010:

Hi Carvecream- yeah, I do not know about this stuff really other than we’ve never advertised, that I know of, always preferring to leave it to our users to spread the word.


I recently purchased a rhino 5 license. My first.

It wasn’t because of advertising.

A big part had to do during my very long trial :slight_smile: I was trying not to save more than 25 times. I got friendly emails and help, Emails that didn’t come off as some hidden sales pitch.

What also helped was Solid Works sales rep didn’t contact me back at all…

I think Rhino should keep doing what it’s doing. Create good software, build a solid community, and priced at under 1,000 :slight_smile:

You might think it might behoove them to do some nice ads, but aside from all the fuzzy stuff mentioned above, what I believe I’ve read is that as we’re all be tracked on what ads we see and where we search and what we buy, what’s being learned is that it’s of limited value, we tune it all out, and there’s an existential crisis where no one yet has the foggiest clue how to sell us stuff through our phones, unless you made Rhino “Free to Play.” That’s kinda funny to think about actually…like what if you had to pay for undos, or grind through point-pushing to earn booleans?

I think McNeel’s model has been great so far. I myself learned about Rhino through word of mouth going on 12-13 years ago. I’m just thinking the world has changed a bit since then. I’m thinking of the younger generation, the youtube/twitter/facebook generation, all of the kids and younger people who are getting exposed to media in much different ways than you or I probably did. So many more young people now are getting into this design and maker world. How many will be getting inexpensive 3d printers for holiday presents this year?
I’m in no way suggesting a big media blitz. I’m just talking about an incremental step up. Simple things like establishing a facebook page and a twitter account. I’ve just searched and cannot find McNeel & Associates on either of those sites. If they are there please link me.
Having a presence in the social network space by no means guarantees sales, but if there is some reason McNeel doesn’t want exposure on those networks I would like to know why.

On Twitter, ‘@RhinoGuide’ is one I set up a couple years ago and is another vehicle for letting people know about tutorials. You can also find @bobmcneel … his Twitter handle is the same as his Discourse user name! On YouTube I post videos under Rhino Guide and on Vimeo as Rhino Tutorials which is also posted to from other sources within McNeel.

There are lots of options for social media of course so many services could still be joined.

There are a few Facebook groups:

I’m sure there are more… these were the first ones I found.