QuadRemesh fails for triangular shapes


I’ve notice that quad remeshing results in bad meshes for some triangles. Can someone help me?

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Please send a small example file (nothing extra in the file), with instructions to repeat the problem.
If we can repeat the issue, we can get a bug report on the pile.


Step 1. Create a triangle from a polyline.
Step 2. Create mesh for the triangle.
Step 3. QuadRemesh the mesh (with default settings).

Results. For equilateral triangle the quadremesh-ing works well. However, for any other triangle, the remeshing algorithms doesn’t work. quadremesh_bug.3dm (134.8 KB)

Thank you

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This issue is still not resolved in the release version. (7.2.21012.11001, 12/01/2021)


Quadremesh also fails for trapezoids with acute angles. 'Tis so close to being an amazing game changer for me. @John_Brock let me know if you need samples for this.

I do not use Quadremesh. That’s not an area of my Rhino support expertise.

Please post a small sample file and the instructions required to repeat the error. Then it can be added to the pile for fixing and future enhancements.

Since this is a released tool, this message should be in the Rhino category, not in Serengeti.

I know this initial release of the new tool has it’s limitations.