QuadMixer: a new tool in Geometry processing

Hello everybody,
We recently presented at the last Siggraph Asia a novel technique called “QuadMixer”, it is similar to MeshMixer but works wit Quad Meshes.

QuadMixer is a novel interactive technique to blend between base quad meshes preserving the majority of the original layouts. Our blending process is reliable and extremely efficient, which makes it perfectly integrable into an in real-time modelling system. Quadmixer allows to smoothly compose different quadrilateral meshes keeping as much as possible all the layout in the areas which are not involved in the operation. In other words, we enable for reusing of the previous work performed by the artist in the retopology/modelling phase.

You can have a look Quadmixer here:


I think it would be a powerful tool if integrated in Rhino. What do you think about? Do you have any contact with developers to start some collaboration?

Nico Pietroni


Nice tool, it looks like this one

Some posts down the thread linked by @laurent_delrieu show that your paper was an inspiration for the tool worked on by @DanielPiker

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Hi Nico -

If you have specific questions, you can start new threads in the Developer category here.

Dear Wim,
I wonder if we can collaborate to integrate this tool into Rhino. I don’t know how to contact the development team or some people from R&D into Rhino.

Hi Nico,

Thank you for this paper - it is very nice, and as Nathan points out, was an inspiration for a tool I’ve been working on recently, shown in this video

I’m currently not following exactly the approach described in your paper, but I’d be interested to talk more. I’ll send you a DM.


Hi Daniel,
let me know when we can discuss about some possible collabouration. You can contact me via mail nico.pietroni@uts.edu.au