Quad Remesh Issues

Hi everyone,

Does anyone found this behavior with Quad Remesh?

It seems like the quad remesh component is having a hard time to make mesh at the kinks of the surface. Does anyone found a work around to be able to consider the entire geometry? I tried using quad remesh settings but I did not have any luck.

Any piece of advice to point me in the right direction will be welcome.

Thanks in advance!
MeshIssue.gh (7.5 KB)

Im having the same issue with the trimmed surface sometimes… quad remesh somehow cant detect sharp corners and trims that corner for some reason

Can you edit your post and internalise the input curve?

Whilst we eagerly await your baking, just to say I believe this is just a quirk of the algorithm especially with trimmed surfaces (it can also occur with untrimmed surfaces). As a temporary workaround before someone from McNeel appears to let us know otherwise, you can always just pull the closest vertex to the point. Admittedly it’s not ideal, but it might help with your particular issue.

MeshIssue.gh (9.8 KB)


@martinsiegrist here is the GH file with internalise input curve.

@johnharding thanks for the solution. This definitely helps me for my particular case.

Here other way,
guide’s on corner’s.
MeshIssueX.gh (9.8 KB)


Eddi’s way is better using the Guides. Much cleaner end mesh.

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@eddi this is a brilliant solution.

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Thank’s, this solutions has its limits,
OffsetSlider with negative value works better on lower quad’s count.
No idea what is going on, when the OffsetSlider gets a higher value, example +10, Rhino freezes.


@eddi this is a really nice solution too. Thanks!