Paneling Tools with PATCHED surfaces ! HELP


I have this surface (Image attached) and Ive done it by patching this curve... but rhino do it with this rotated isocurves and later when Im trying to create a GRID with the Paneling Tools plugin, I gor this Rotated Grid from the Whole Surface (Not Trimmed)

Is there any way to rotate de isocurve and create a grid from just the surface !?

Thanks in advance

Hi Rodolfo- make a plane approximately the size of the patch you got initially and place it with the alignment you want for the patch. Then in Patch ask for a ‘starting surface’ and pick this plane- Set Pull to zero- you do not want the plane to affect the shape, just the orientation and size. Note that if the starting surface is more complex than a plane (degree 1 by 1) the resulting Patch will also take its structure from the starting surface and you will not get to set the Spans in the Patch dialog.

StartingSurface.3dm(61.1 KB)


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Thanks a lot Pascal, Now the Isocurves of my model are alligned… but what do you recomend to creat a grid ? because the plugin always use the whole surface to calculate the GRID, I`ve taken yours as an example…

Hi Rodolfo- see if ShrinkTrimmedSrf helps- it will at least make the surface close to the trims rather than so over-sized. If Paneling likes a really even surface parameterization, try Rebuild on the surface, to a high point count- sat 50 by 50, and check ‘Retrim’ - that might make a better target for paneling.