Quad mesh with sharp edges

Hello there,

I am a newbe in this
I am trying to make a quad mesh with sharp edges at the bottom and top of a scanned shoe last,so far no succes.
How do I do this?


Hi Antoine -
Just from that image, it looks like you might be able to just convert that to a SubD object and then insert a crease? Best to post a 3dm file for better help…

Hello Wim,

Hereby the file of the last
The sharp edges are detected at the top but not at the bottom.

BR Antoineproject remesh leest 22-12-20.3dm (945.4 KB)

Hi Antoine,

Here’s a way to get that crease on the bottom…


Hello Brian,

Thanks for the reply this was a last I had in my library,
Can you do this with a last I scanned myself
Thanks in advance

Br Antoinelast scanned.3dm (1.2 MB)

The workflow would change a little for the scanned one. Instead of extracting and duplicating a border, you would need to Project or draw a curve representing the crease to feed into QuadRemesh. Then the same step of setting that curve as an edgeloop influence and Crease on it after would work the same.

Thanks Brian,

Will try this and then come back if it works well

Thanks Brian,

Will try this and then come back if it works well

It’s not working here I cannot draw a line on the mesh that follows the edge exactly and the quadmesh gives a result that doesn’t follow the line can you make a video of the last file I uploaded ?

Sure, here you go. Use Vertex Osnaps when drawing an interpolated curve on the mesh.


Thanks a lot Brian I am going to try this looks good

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