Quad Mesh, unable to select, disappears when zooming out

i’m unable to select this mesh and it disappears when zooming in and out. any ideas?bug.3dm (707.9 KB)

Seeing same thing here…

running the RebuildMesh command fixed it and it’s usable now.

not sure what happened, maybe the normals got screwy.

i just noticed if you do a big window select there is a curve attached to the mesh out in space.

this happens to any surface i QuadRemesh and then squish btw

RebuildMesh does get rid of the curve and the mesh issue is fixed like you said.

    Valid curve.
      start = (-0.0948696,0.971628,0)
      end = (-0.0912991,0.978209,0)
      domain = 531 to 532
      line length = 0.0074868

while we are talking about QuadRemesh, what mesh do you think is best/accurate for squishing and then flowing the patterns? Quads or triangles?

may want to see if history is biting you in the behind… (i’m guessing here) try purging history before you squish… better?

IMO triangles will be more “accurate” because they will have more degrees of flexibility than quads. Quads will be more usable downstream because you can pop them into SubD at will and they will be cleaner and easier to manage than triangles.

i don’t have history enabled.

i’m not going to sub-d with them, i’m just duplicating the outline and making patterns for cloth. thank you for the tips!