Quad mesh division

Hello @Mahdiyar and dear community

I’m trying to make a quad division or parallel line which divides my mesh in a closed curve and tried different ways but I couldn’t solve this, I would be thankful if anyone helps me with this.


Mesh.gh (10.2 KB)

This could be one and a bit cumbersome way. And as far as I know, there’s the “Create Quad Mesh” function in both rhino and GH you can use in Rhino7 WIP…

Mesh_Quad_re.gh (10.8 KB)

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Thank you for your reply. It works but unfortunately for some other surfaces the divisions wasn’t at same quad size.

Sometimes in these cases. Instead of taking random shapes and trying to grid then with the same size grids. Make a grid field of same size cells, then create and algorithm that fits a closed curve to the closest full grid and creates the shape from the base grid.

Thank you Scott for your response.
Exactly this is another solution I thought about, you’re right.