Regularize quad mesh division of kangaroo output


I came across on a student project from the ITECH program in Stuttgart. A catenary shell constructed using glass panels. I’m trying to replicate part of the process and I’m especially interested in how they were able generate almost identical quad panels on the output from kangaroo. (as can see in the included picture:

I’ve created the initial steps which was easy enough, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around how I should go about panelling the output mesh. I’ve tried with different approaches such as quad remesh and WB constant quad split subdivision but i’m not reaching the results I’m looking for. Would really appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. I’m new to working with meshes as I usually work in surfaces so apologies if I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance!
Regularized quadrangle mesh (16.9 KB)

I don’t think this is a mesh conversion but much rather a base mesh with a clean topology. I’d try to define a coarse base mesh with the least amount of faces possible, then subdivide a bit for form finding and subdivide a bit more for the final shot.

The mesh in the example is not done this way. I was expecting quads between my marked green points and then subdivided 4 times but one of the divisions is 5

Thank you for your reply! I think you’re absolutely right! I’m working on creating a clean mesh topology right now which is totally new area for me but it’s alot of fun! I found this thread which has been very helpful: Planarizing quad panels on double curved surface - #22 by martynjhogg, a recommendation for anyone else getting started with this. Thanks again for your input, Martin!

Thanks. I spent a lot of time creating topology quad meshes and quite often I found a pencil and a piece of paper quite useful to quickly sketch options… About the only time I’m still using paper :slight_smile: