Quad panelize any complex mesh more precisely than QuadRemesh?

I am looking to quad panelize a mesh but with strict dimensions such as (all panels be 2.5m x 2.5m) and make the appropriate deformations do to so.

I am not looking to planarize anything, just have equally sized panels. Quadremesh gives different sized panels and approximations.

When it comes to panelization everytime I need to do something like this I feel like the discussions are pretty limited and always end up giving up because its ‘too complex’. I just assume panelization takes a team of expert modelers and thats the examples we see constructed in the real world.

Is it really that hard to subdivide a mesh into equal rectangles?

mesh.3dm (235.5 KB)

This is a bit of a deep subject in that there needs to be some variability in the panels to be able to mesh at the same size.

I am not sure this applies, but here is a discussion that starts with regular sized panels and the rest of the challenges that come with that on arbitrary shapes: Reduce number of panel units for mapping double-curved surface - #15 by HNY_0917

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Thanks Scott!

Right, suppose its a range then. Quadremesh does not allow the user to input a range of edge lengths. Is it really hard to achieve something like this in grasshopper maybe using Kangaroo?

There are many threads about this in the Kangaroo category. That might be a good place to explore.

it seems that tour text has many contradictory specifications.

By definition a quad mesh has line edges. The only deformation possible is to have 2 triangles. Meshing doesn’t seems to be the good tool.

Do you think you could recover your surface with gold sheet without overlapping ? I think you are limited to Developable surface. Some cuts will be necessary on the borders.

It could help if you give what you are after ? Metal fabrication, roofing … ?

Hi Laurent,

In other words, I just want to create a custom quadremesh command that lets you input an edge length domain, pretty similar to RemeshByColor, but with quads, and in this case color will not be driving the subdivision but instead deviation from the original mesh.