Quad core A6 or i5

Hi I am buying new laptop and I am wondering how much does the flamingo benefit from hyper threading.

I can Get a laptop with 2gh quad core A6 or 2.5gh dual core i5 with turbo up to 3.1gh and hyper threading

AMD 4x 2gh= 8gh
Intel 2x 3.1gh= 6.2gh +hyper threading

From my understanding hyper threading should add up to 30% that means that these processors would deliver the same performance. Is that correct?

Radovan -

It is hard to accurately benchmark two processors without empirical data. But Flamingo is a raytracer, making the floating point calculations speed of the processor directly related to rendering speed. So, you may want to compare floating point specs of the two processors.

Within a specific processor family, comparing processor speed multiplied by the number of cores is a good estimate of rendering performance.

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I might add as an IT person’s opinion, find the exact model of the processor and search the Passmark website for the benchmarks.
In general the A-series processors from AMD are not targeted at performance users. Also the “u” series processors from Intel are not either. so an i5-4200u is not really that speedy of a CPU compared to an i5 that does not have the “u” on the end.

The 2 year old i7-4710MQ in my Toshiba laptop scores about 8000 on the Passmark benchmark (cost me about $600). My 8 core Xeon workstation which is several years older scores about 6000.(Not sure how much that cost)

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