Need clarification on Rhino 5 performance usage on Hardware (CPU)

Quoting McNeel Wiki:

> The graphic card has NO influence in the rendering times - except for the “Viewport Display” option. Flamingo takes advantage of dual processors (Rhino doesn’t).

I have been told that Rhino 5 uses 2 cores on a processor by if I recall the McNeel employees, but here it says Rhino 5 does not use 2 cores. Please explain someone who knows.


There actually are a tiny handful of commands (like ReduceMesh and…that might be it actually) that are actually made to take advantage of multiple cores. Most aren’t, and the whole “content creation” thing just doesn’t generally lend itself to it. But it’s not like you can actually buy a single-core CPU, or that you would not find a 4 or 6 or 20 cores useful otherwise, for other apps or being able to work on many tasks at once.

I see so most of Rhino commands can currently only use 1 core, but a few do use 2 or more cores (I heard Rhino only uses 2…). Flamingo does use 4 cores I know. Does Bongo make use of multiple cores?