Python Script to Create Layout / Detail Creation and Setting View for Detail

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I am trying to create a python script to create layouts and create details within the layouts. After that setting the view of the details to drafting templates within the cad environment (in top view). I can isolate the curve identifiers along with the curve points for each drafting template. But I do not know how to modify the view of the detail itself. I can create the layout, create the detail to the specified layout size, but I cant modify the view of the detail. I checked the Rhino script syntax but all I can find regarding details is adddetail, currentdetail, detailscale, and detaillock. Can I set the view of the detail with detailscale?? I am not sure where to go from here. (304 Bytes)
template.3dm (211.2 KB)

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You might have found a solution already but here is a quick and dirty way to zoom the newly created detail to some objects: (1.4 KB)
template.3dm (80.4 KB)

Does that make sense?

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This makes sense ! Looks like bounding box is the essential piece to the puzzle. Also I did not know that enable detail was a command I have just been double clicking on the layout to enable the detail. This will defiantly get me where I need to go !

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