Scripting ChangeSpace


Is it possible to bring an object into paper space without doing something like rs.command(-changespace)?

I would like to script the creation of a section cut and then bring it into paper space. The section cut part I have figured out but I haven’t found a way to bring it into paper space without resorting to rs.command.


Couldn’t you just create a layout and set it to the section that you just created?

If you create it programmatically, I don’t think that Rhino will auto-switch to layout view.

It’s fine if I have to select the layout manually.

The workflow I’m thinking of is create clipping plane → script creates sections and processes with hatches etc for clipping plane → create layout and detail → script enables construction plane and brings section into paper space on selected detail.

I have a version that keeps the section cut in model space and it was difficult to manage the layers in each detail.