Python in MacWip

Now that Rhino6 for Mac is shipping soon™ I wonder what will happen with the Python editor.
Yesterday I was writing a script on my Mac in RhinoWIP but it was a pain. Even though I encapsulated my code into try / except, and coding from Atom, I often got no feedback if things were wrong.
As reported earlier, RhinoWIP doesn’t communicate with Atom unless RhinoWIP is renamed. But even then I lost connection with Rhino, the script would run an old script unless I saved first (even though it saves when running)
edit: seems to be fixed after I updated

I saw there is now a EditPythonScript in Rhino for Mac, but it isn’t much more than a window. Will this be tuned up before release, after release, or will it stay like this?


I wish to express my support to this question.

An important underlying issue is that Rhino 6 for Mac will be significantly worse than Rhino 5 for Mac in terms of facilitating Python scripting. I hope that was never intended?

Solving this issue seems not that technically complicated, i.e. to simply allow error messages to appear in the console (or another place) after running a script from Atom - which worked fine in Rhino for Mac 5.

Can you explain a bit more what you mean by “worse”? Obviously, we don’t intend to make things worse so we need to understand what it is that has been broken.

No error reporting… In case of error there is just no error pop up window anymore like in v5

But how about the built in python editor, will it be anywhere like windows ?

@Alain are you aware of this? Is there a YT issue for this?

The long term goal is to have a cross platform editor that works on both Windows and Mac (as well as a potential replacement for the GH editors) using the same code. This is a very large project that Alain is working on.

The Mac editor should get some new features during the V6 lifespan, but I don’t think it will get to the level that the Windows V6 editor is currently at.

Can we expect a simple prompt when script is tested any time soon?
Another nice feature would be autocomplete with hints (reference).
Right now, Atom is a workaround, but even there I can’t find a reliable/comprehensive autocomplete with Rhino python reference hints.
Thank you

What does this mean?

Yep, and that is something we are looking at porting from the Windows code over to Mac.

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Something like the windows version has had since V.5: The GH Python script window has a Run button and shows a prompt like “Tested OK” or error message if not.

That’s great news. Hate to ask: Any timeline on this? (weeks, months, years…?)

Thanks for all the efforts!

Both of these features will eventually be added. More than weeks, less than years. It is the project that @alain is working on right now, but it is also summer time and it is hard to tell exactly how difficult some of these features may be.

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@Gijs, the missing error dialog has been logged and will be the next thing I fix.

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This should be fixed in the latest RhinoBETA.