EditPythonScript Problem - Version 5.2.3

I’ve just downloaded Rhino on my mac (version 5.2.3) and it appears as if I don’t have the “EditPythonScript” option in “Tools”. I’m currently in need of testing a Python program using Rhinoscriptsyntax (written by someone who uses Rhino) but I can’t edit the program nor enter the variables I’d like to.
What should I do ? Is it the mac ? Is there a problem with this version of Rhino ?
Thanks !

There is no built-in Python editor for Mac Rhino yet. You will need to use an external editor. There are several threads on this, the most common is to use the Atom editor, which has an autocomplete package and can save ans automatically run scripts in Rhino, but no debugger. The online doc and install instructions are here, the original discussion thread is here