Mac python editor Rhino 7 asking advice


We have a teaching issue regarding python.
In our university we have a computer class with shiny silver mac computers with beautiful big screens.

We try to prepare as basic as possible tutorials, class exercises and homeworks for Rhino and Python using grasshopper, not editpythonscript. For a while we saw that students had a difficult time following. They are making simple typos mistakes, after pressing dot not seeing any hints regarding intellise and the multilple dots are missing after you hit tab.

Today, I tried to do my own exercises myself on those macs pc. It really feels hard to write even a simple code.

I know that you are developing RhinoCode for Rhino8. But is there any other solution already available on Rhino 7 Grasshopper as python editor? I know that there is VSCode, but we do not want to use it at the current zero introductory level.

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The GHPython editor on macOS has been a mess for years now. You’re pretty much stuck with it, if you don’t want to rely on third-party software like PyCharm, Atom, Sublime Text, etc.

Rudimentary code completion should work though at least for the Rhino specific libraries and modules, like rhinoscriptsyntax and the API.

This lead to me simply memorizing huge parts of the API over the years. :smiley:

I understand that. But for people, who never saw code and need to get marks each week, it is a bittersweet experience.
I guess the only solution are 3rd party editors …

Or simply use the GHPython editor and have the documentation open besides Rhino in a web browser, as a reference?

If you teach beginners, I reckon your examples might be pretty manageable, and the benefits that third-party apps bring, would only be marginal. It’s also not like code completion, intellisense, or any other shenanigans help you in any way to learn programming.

We’ve been replacing the existing code editor in Rhino 8 with a new one. You might want to try Rhino 8 to see if it feels any better.

Thank you, I ll definetely try:)