Rhino.Python programming in Rhino for Mac 6 WIP

Programming Rhino.Python scripts via Atom in Rhino for Mac version 5 works fine. The identical setup also works for WIP 6 for Mac, once the “RhinoBeta” application is renamed into “Rhinoceros”.

Yet I would like to know wether the following issues are due to my configuration or is expected behaviour for WIP 6 for Mac.

  • Executing Python code via Atom does not result in any kind of error messages in the Rhino Console when the script is faulty.

  • Executing Python code via the (for now?) very-minimal editing window that can be called via the “EditPythonScript” command does not result in error messages with line numbering in the Rhino Console when faulty.

Both issues makes programming Rhino.Python extremely impracticable. Is this due to my setup, can it be solved by other means, or is this the situation for now?

Here it works without doing that

The other issues I can confirm and are most likely just signs of infancy of the tool in Mac Rhino 6. (The command doesn’t even autocomplete)
Other issues:
-the script editor window doesn’t stay on top of Rhino’s window
-No autocomplete like in atom
-I would rather like the errors/print statements being written to a console that is attached to the editor window like it is done on windows platform.

I can confirm the experience is abysmal on Mac. I completely opted out of any Rhino tools, and rely exclusively on bare bones Python.

I use the following around all my code to get proper debug info. I don’t think anyone on the McNeel team have actually done any heavy Python development on Mac.

import sys
import traceback

except Exception as e:
    sys_exc = sys.exc_info()
    raise e