Rhino 6 mac Beta

yeah, i realize my info may be bad or out of date… it was the beginning of the year when i made the change in my GPU preferences and experienced better performance.

i’ve since changed that preference back to the default (GPU tessellation ON) and the iMac now runs V6 well

In general, the GPU tessellation option really doesn’t do anything on Mac Rhino and we should just remove it from the UI. The Apple OpenGL drivers ended up never really working all that well with this OpenGL feature and I had to write and alternative approach.

A simple check for courtesy. With Rhino in use, open activity monitoring and verify that there are no processes that are consuming CPU and RAM. In particular, check that the “mdworker and mds_stores” processes do not use a lot of CPU (up to 95%) and check how much RAM uses Rhino BETA at startup and after a certain period.


When I launch RhinoWIP, the latest release uses 140 to 165 MB of memory and 153% CPU on launch. When I open a blank scene from the template window, it jumps to about 350 MB and the CPU usage is well under 1.5% now. Seems reasonable!

There seem to have been some improvements in latest updates. Zooming, panning, rotating seem to work fluently now! Moving and manipulating objects still seems a wee bit laggy sometimes.
Even with 1000 random N.u.r.b.s. boxes in the scene, the viewport is very responsive in grid view, but less in for instance ghosted mode, which is understandable.

Artistic view is pretty slow, however I don’t really use it. As far as I’m concerned it is the Comic Sans of rendered viewports.
Artic mode has become quite fast! Nice, McNeel must know that we architects love to misuse some nice ambient occlusion.
Grasshopper start-up seems reasonably faster than in Rhino 5 (with the same add-ons installed), but zooming in and out of the canvas is still pretty laggy!!

Here are some things that I still find annoying:

  1. Do the side menus really need to flicker each time that I manipulate a curve point? I get that Rhino is switching commands, but this is irritating to me.

  2. Still no GUI GH button like on Windows? Where have you hidden it?

  3. Still no EditPyhtonScript! Why?

  4. Still no auto-complete in GHPython! Really?

  5. Unfortunate mapping of the GH radial menu to ALT + SPACE and not even MMB support! What? Why?

But my agents still flock!

Happens on all models, not only specific models. Even if I start from scratch with an absolutely new file. As soon as there is some geometry in which is more than a few simple cubes Rhino 6 mac is significantly slower than Rhino 5. In all display modes.

Been answered here


Lots of discussions on this - here is one:

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I work a lot in rendered or pen view.

In Rhino 5 mac you can do that with large files and complex geometries and it still runs smoothly.

You can rotate and so on without any trouble.

Rhino 6 mac is slow in rendered mode even when you rotate a few cubes.
The same in pen view.

Where is the use dear McNeel in proposing such a slow and laggy piece of software?
Are you now supposed to buy a new 10000€ mac because you want to run Rhino??

Rhino 6 mac like this is a HUGE disappointment. And I am surely not the only one who will heavily complain about that.

Are we now in a week supposed to upgrade to this piece of crappy software in order to test this further in hope it will get miraculously faster??

Totally laggy. https://global.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/3/5/3569c623978bedb08a5781838b4c548fae4cf166.mov

Can you send me the model?

Rendered mode in V6 is different than V5. You may want to try turning the skylight off in V6. That may also bring speeds up in rendered mode.

out of curiosity, I just made an array of 10,000 spheres and compared V5 vs V6 performance in default shaded mode…

V6 is way more responsive during navigation in this simple comparison for me… (mainly because it appears V6 is temporarily switching to wireframe mode, or otherwise dropping the render mesh until navigation stops)

in either case though, I think you’d have to hide some of the spheres or work in wireframe mode for a file like this (4.72GB) …I wouldn’t consider either as ‘useable’ in the state I tried…

still, V6 did appear to handle it better than V5



This is why I am trying to get models. I can’t make up “beyond boxes” as I could have done just what you did and made spheres. It may be some specific geometry type (brep, point, annotation, hatch, block,…) that is causing problems.

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I’m also experiencing slow downs and stuttery movement, especially in the technical display modes. I made a small comparison with v5 and v6:

The file:
testv5.3dm (3.1 MB)

Display mode:
Pen Outline.ini (6.4 KB)

I’m on a 2016 15" Mbp with an AMD Radeon Pro 450 2GB. Hope this helps!

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how did you get that .ini file from Mac Rhino? and how do you get it back in?
I didn’t know it was possible to share these individual modes on Mac

edit- never mind… I figured it out… COOL!

(fwiw, when I downloaded your file, my system added a .txt extension to it… I had to delete that part)

seems like the ‘Show silhouettes’ option is one thing causing a noticeable slowdown.

that said, if I recreate your example, I’m not getting the major slowdown after running TestMaxSpeed multiple times with your Outline display mode?

(V6-- PenOutline first… then Shaded)

@jeff can you take a look at this technical display post when you get a chance?

I also get very disappointing performance on my macbook 2016/Radeon Pro 450:

Time to regen viewport 100 times = 2.11 seconds.
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 6.11 seconds.
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 12.50 seconds
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 50.98 seconds

Rhino 5:
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 0.71 seconds.
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 1.11 seconds.
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 1.39 seconds.

GPU tesselation on or off doesn’t make a difference for me.
strangely enough, at 8x antialiasing it is faster than at 4x antialiasing

I think there are thousands and thousands of Rhino mac users out there which didn’t take Rhino mac 6 seriously and didn’t test it, because the performance seemed so oddly bad.

Not necessarily that but I was always in the assumption that the slowness was due to things being in development. Much has been changing during the wip phase, so I thought once it will be on par with the windows version, these things will be ironed out. And I still have high hopes that it will. What worries me though is that I get the feeling that McNeel seems to be surprised about these reports. It isn’t that difficult to compare v5 against v6 to find that the latter is much much slower.

I’m also using a 2016 MacBook Pro (2.9 GHz Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 460 4 GB).
Here’s my report, done with @_vals’s file. (Tanks for providing it!)

RhinoWIP 6.16.19183.08014


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 1.18 seconds. (84.53 FPS)


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 5.57 seconds. (17.96 FPS)


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 5.35 seconds. (18.68 FPS)


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 2.05 seconds. (48.80 FPS)


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 18.92 seconds. (5.28 FPS)

Rhino 5.5.3


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 0.48 seconds.


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 0.63 seconds.


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 1.00 seconds.


Time to regen viewport 100 times = 0.64 seconds.

It seems like the viewport rendering speed is directly linked to the GPU performance.
I don’t mean to be rude guys, but a 2 GB GPU for CG work seems a bit underpowered. Even my 4 GB GPU is laughed upon! And non-dedicated GPUs, don’t even get me started here. :wink:

What is weird though is the huge difference between Rhino 5 and 6. McNeel must have switched view port rendering from CPU to GPU?
I guess, they should adapt their system requirements from “NVIDIA or AMD graphics processor is recommended.” to what is recommended for Windows users anyways, which is “4 GB Video RAM recommended.”

Why publish such vague Mac requirements anyways?

duckduckgo Just joking! :wink:

Unfortunately, it seems to be confirmed now. Rhino for Mac 6 is indeed much slower than 5 (unless you have a beast of a mac)!

#metoo, but now it seems that either McNeel has serious trouble developing for the Mac platform, or they simply take it too lightly (allegedly)?
I don’t even have that much of a problem with Mac Rhino not being totally on par with the Windows version. WinRhino has been in development for much longer.
What I don’t get is, despite the many complaints in the forums about performance (and other things), some folks always want to talk the issues down and sell that Rhino 6 must/should/might be faster than version 5, when truly it is not. On what machines do you guys even test on?
I totally get that there is much pressure in the CAD software biz and that you need to sell new products to stay afloat, but at least be honest about (1) the software requirements and (2) the software performance.

The release next week should be interesting. I’m still optimistic. :slight_smile: