Python Editor minimized on startup

When I start a new Rhino session and bring up the Python Editor it often appears minimized:

Do you see it> It’s the little white rectangle with a Python blue & yellow logo on its left end.

What can I do to fix this?

Currently I grab a corner of the rectangle and drag it up to a useful size. But since I am debugging a Python/C++ script, I have to kill & restart Rhino for every new C++ compile, typically 100 a times a day during new code development.

Now, after doing this for a few weeks, I am truly getting tired of having to drag open the Python Editor.

Can anyone help? I know this came up a few years back but do not remember if there was a solution.


If you resize the Python editor window, exit Rhino normally (not by killing the process), then re-launch Rhino, the editor still opens up small?

Yes it still opens small: Start Rhino, stretch Python editor window bigger, File - > Exit, Start Rhino, opens small. Again and again and again … you get the idea.

After many occurrences, could be like 20, then the resized Python editor window will be used at the next opening of Rhino. But then, eventually, it will go back to being small.

In 8.75 years I will turn 80. Perhaps it will be fixed in time to be my 80th birthday present. This would be nice. Better, yet if it could be fixed this year, or month or week. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that could be tweaked?