Python window does not restore!

At about 50% of occurrences when I run Python code the python editor does not restore anymore. Even if I click on the Windows task bar, nothing happens.
The only work-around is to right-click on the windows icon, maximize it, move it somewhere so it restores and the adjust the size. On top I have to resize the position of the debug console.
Needless to say that this is extremely anoying!..
The best and most simple solution would be an option to not minimize the Python window (I have a 38" screen, so no problem with space). There is an option for the RhinoScript Editor (“Hide Script Editor during execution”) - why can’t we have it for the Python editor as well?
P.S.: I’m using the latest 7.7. Rhino Version

So, you run a script from the editor, the window minimizes, the script completes normally(?) but the editor stay minimized, correct?
Does it come back if there is a break point in the script?


Yes, the script completes normally.
No, even with break points the windows does not come back.
Btw: on the windows task bar, the Restore option is grayed out (disabled)

And, does this happen with any script, even just a test ‘Hello World’ sort of thing?


With a simple script (print “Hello World”) the window restores properly each time.

But most of my scripts take at least a couple of seconds, and then the issue is back.

Can you post or send to one of these scripts? The simpler the better as long as it shows the problem; please also include a link back here in your comments to


Hi Pascal - I just sent you en email with an example script…

It really seams to be related to the duration of the execution. Most often it happens when Rhino stops redrawing after 4, 5 seconds and then works in the background.

Got it, thanks.

RH-64338 Python editor - window does not come back


Thanks Pascal for filing the issue. I hope you can chase down the culprit, might be tricky however (I’m a programmer myself)…

In any case -as I already mentioned- a simple and quick solution would be to add an option “Do not minimize window during operation” or similar. With large screens available today there is no need anyway to minimize for many (most?) of us users, it is rather irritating even if it works properly.

I often see the same exact problem. With my longer running Python scripts, the Editor window is never restored.



I can’t reproduce this. Running the script takes a long time but the window comes back up eventually.

I’m not sure what you mean by “on the windows task bar, the Restore option is grayed out (disabled)” can you elaborate?

After your script completes does the window show up if you run the “EditPythonScript” command?

When I right-click on the Rhino symbol in the Windows taskbar, 2 mini-views of the Rhino window and the python window appear. I right-click then on the python mini-window and a context menu opens. This has options: Restore/Move/Resize/Minimize/Maximize/Close. The Restore option is grayed out (disabled), the only thing I can use is the Maximize option.

No, nothing happens.

I’m seeing this now too…

This has been there on Rhino 5 and 6. I haven’t tested on 7.
My workaround is to run again the _EditPythonScript command which ‘unhides’ the editor again.
The issue happens from time to time, not every single time the .py file is run.

Yeah it brings it back, as a tiny minimized window I have to drag out again… every single time now all of a sudden! “Normally” there would be some kind of error that would pop it back up, but now I see it pop up and get hidden again immediately even if I deliberately break something!

Should I be editing my Python in something else 'cause I’m fed up already. EDIT: after a while it mysteriously started working again…

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Yes, this is very, very annoing, also in the newest version. And thereby it would be so easy to fix it - just add an option to not minimize the Python window…

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