Python Code to Cut Revit Walls

Hello Everyone,
I’m trying to Cut Revit Walls using Rhino Breb by Python Script since there is no way to do that with native Rhino.Inside, i tried ChatGPT to do the Code for me but unfortunately it doesn’t work properly, i will attached the codes that i got from ChatGPT for Reference,
there is 3 inputs ,
1- a button to execute the code
2- Breb geometry or any other geometry / void could work
3- Revit Walls by using Query Element Component ,
The output should cut the original walls in Revit .
any help will be highly appreciated.
Revit Walls - (4.2 KB)

Can you check topic below and let us know if it helps or if you are tryibg to achieve something different.

You have a toggle input.
Void input.
Solid input.