Python: 4D Spiral formula problem

Does someone know what I am doing wrong?
When I try to change my radius r-value it shortens the spiral. (18.3 KB)

Are you trying to implement the top Stack Overflow answer? It’s pretty neat: (4.1 KB)


I think I put this as a spiral components in Nautilus plugin

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Oops I needed to insert the right link, I mean a hyperspiral like hyper and then spiral

When I try to change my radius r-value it shortens the spiral. (18.3 KB)

NAUTILUS plugin from Laurent Delrieu
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Hey, I aso try to code it in Python
Do you know want I do wrong with my radius r-value :slight_smile:
hyperspiral (18.3 KB)

It is implementing this code for a hyperspiral
In the code on the right there are things like j-- and as2
Somehow it is possible to let i0 eventually become equal to i but when and where I do not understand. as2? actionscript2?

I took the code and put it in C#. I made the whole class not just the method. It is easier to understand first in 2D and 3D than directly using 4D. Secondly I think you didn’t use the method as(i0, i1, i2, i3).

But I am not a Python guy, I don’t want to dive into your code. I saw too much programming languages in my life (Turbo Pascal, c++, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Ada, Java, Matlab, Visual Basic, C#)

I didn’t go very far but the code is not outputting sphere position but it outputs a spiral points.
In 2D

in 3d

in 4D

ptn has the positions of the points
in 2D Point3(ptn[i], ptn[i+1],0)
in 3D Point3(ptn[i], ptn[i+1],ptn[i+2])
in 4D if w0 Point3(ptn[i], ptn[i+1],ptn[i+2]) ptn[i+3] not used

Representation with 4dim as a color