Push pull new in v8 - cube to house in 30 min!

New Push Pull Video just dropped, Enjoy!


I thought this was an excellent video.

It would be ideal to build a new soup-to-nuts Rhino tutorial around this, for beginners.

I don’t believe Rhino has ever created a single tutorial for a new user that replicates an existing building or set of plans. This is odd because this is probably the most popular tutorial for competitors and it’s working very well for them.

I realize that Rhino targets several markets; however, it’s very difficult to find any modern (and well done) tutorials on Rhino, in the topic of architecture, full-spectrum.

With the addition of Push/Pull – this is the perfect time to change that.

If nothing else, at bare-minimum, it would be good to think about representing tutorials in a ratio similar to the size of the market.

By my count, it would appear that Architecture is one of the larger markets for Rhino and the ratio of tutorials produced do not have parity with this ratio.

Unless I’m misunderstanding Rhino’s potential market niche, which I view to be something similar to:

  • Architecture - (includes set design, other related large/dimensioned/construction niches)
  • Industrial Design (includes jewelry, other related niches)
  • Auto / Marine / Aerospace
  • Woodworking / Art (typically overlap w/I.D.)
  • Virtual Design / Illustrations / Game Assets
  • Other + Sculpting - Art, Med/Scientific, Fashion, etc

Perhaps the problem is that Rhino doesn’t have someone that builds tutorials who is familiar with the architecture side?

In that event, perhaps users could submit their favorite tutorials/courses on products such as SketchUp and Rhino could use this as inspiration to cover the same breadth of topics?

Thanks again for the great push-pull video course.


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Totally agree, people structure to find Rhino tutorial from architecture perceptive: like Interior design workshop from scratch ( modelling till Final Render)

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Just tried it in Rh8.
This is totally a game changer!
Loved it.

One suggestion:
Could you add a taper angel option so it can have a draft angle effect on the pulled/pushed surface?
This would be super useful.


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we have talked about this- @Joshua_Kennedy has some ideas that he’s kicking around for how to improve this tool- we’ll add that to the list.

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I opened the issue here. I’ve got a pretty good idea what needs done.

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Awesome! Appreciate that the team took user comments seriously. Looking forward to how this tool will evolve!

Another question: It seems like the extrusion cut from a curve by pulling the gumball won’t be recorded with history(moving control points will not update shapes cutouts). Will this be added in the future?

Not in the short term. It’s complicated and I’m not sure how to implement it and still have a good user experience. As a workaround the extrusion created from curves with the gumball is history enabled. The boolean commands in Rhino 8 are also history enabled. So if you need a history setup for this I’d suggest doing that. It’s a bit extra work which I know isn’t ideal.

hi there, it s wonderful that rhino implemented that command, it is a gamechanger … i have some suggestions for you to extend the abilities of the tool and the overall workflow. please watch the video on youtube the plugin for sctechup Curic DIO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SpC0cgxB5U&t=784s and also Curic OI - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqgod1pukJ8. It somethin that helps you extremley to pull/rotate lines from the edges of a volume, which makes you not forced to use the inset and after hat delete lines on the face, also to make doublelines and exact distance from the edge … but click and you will see it