*Complicated ring?*

I got a little confused with this ring, can’t understand the right half of it, the left half looks prrety simple.
Every help would be good


Get started with the curves then post the file.

Allright thx

BluetTopaz.3dm (1.4 MB)

U see, It doesnt look alike

I like to keep things simple. Overbuild and trim away intersecting surfaces.

I would make it from intersecting parts and then trim and join. Also it looks symmetrical so you can use mirror to make a lot of it
BluetTopazx.3dm (409.0 KB)

I’ve taken a quick look at your geometry

In terms of why it doesnt look alike; the thing that stuck out to me is the elevated area (the area with the stone) does not connect onto the ring tangentially. Always keep in mind how to create elegant geometry, or it will be noticed!

Looks like a great job so far though. Keep it up!

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Many thanks for the compliments but u r right, I didnt know how to make ot elegant because of Im moving the curve points it looks weird

U talking only about the rest of the ring right? Is the area where the stone stands good?

Between the 2 pipes it was empty how did u make aconnect between them?

I trimmed them back with straight curves in the Top view. Then made a surface blend between the two.

How didn’t I think about that

And what you gonna do about the right side of the ring after it has been trimmed

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My bad

I was commenting about the layout of the surfaces in general

I don’t know much about mounting stones on rings, so I can’t say how good that area would be for that purpose.

Alright, but ill fix it and then upload

Previous examples aren’t matching the original design , is not a simple half splitted pipe , for me it’s more something like this :

You r right, what did you fix from my file tho?