Purge Plus

After exporting some simple geometry from a file, the resulting export was 20+MB. ‘Audit 3DM File’ showed that there was a 10MB jpg lurking in the file and another 10 MB of user table info from an unnamed plug-in.

I used ‘TestPurgeBitmapTable’ to remove the jpg and carried out -SaveAs with ‘savePlugInData=No’ and got the file down to 80kb.

I’m hoping the bitmap purge will make it into V6, but also a command to purge unnamed PlugIn data without having to save as to another filename then save back again to overwrite the original.

I tried to SavaAs with the same filename, with the ‘savePlugInData=No’ yet the data remained in the overwritten file.

The 20 megs just keeps coming back when geometry is pasted back and forth over several files. Never noticed before as they are large files.

Yes, I noticed this too recently (V5) where there was a large picture frame, every time I copied objects from that file into another, the bitmap came with them - even if it wasn’t visible or selectable. I mainly noticed that pasting into the new file was taking a long time, and wondered why, which is when I figured out what was going on.


I ran into a similar issue when i was working on a render scene using various materials with textures. To seperate 2 objects i exported them from the full scene (A) to a new file (B) and had the “save textures” option checked.

Upon opening the new file (B) which contained only the 2 objects i’ve noticed that in the “embedded files” folder which is created on opening, it contained all textures used in the previous scene (A). The file (B) itself contained all materials used in file (A). Seems unlogical to me.


Hi Brian, all - as far as the bitmap table goes, embedded Pictures are no longer embedded in the bitmap table, so hopefully this will not be a problem in V6, Picture images follow the same setting as any other textures that are embedded or saved with the Rhino file. (This is not perfect, in my opinion, I think it might be best to treat Picture textures a little bit specially and allow them to be saved in the file separately from textures, since they can be so large, but this should none the less help).