Purchasing Rhino 5 Abroad


First of all, if I have incorrectly posted here, I am sorry. I am unsure exactly where to post questions about the commercial end of this software. Most of the forum here seems to be scripting or modeling troubleshoot. However, I was unable to find a relevant category under which I could post this question. So, I am posting here.

I am an American student studying abroad for one year in Stuttgart, Germany. I am taking a computational design course that utilizes Rhino and Grasshopper to overcome parametric design obstacles, and unfortunately do not have my own copy of Rhino. I am getting to the point where I need to purchase a copy, and am wondering how exactly this process works. I was unable to find a way to purchase this online.

The order form that I found (http://order.mcneel.eu/rhino-educational.asp) seems to indicate the sending of a physical disk. Unfortunately, I am on a new generation MacBook running parallels and there is no disk drive. Is there no possibility to purchase Rhino online, receive a code, and download from the website? (preferably same-day but I understand the complexities of going against the norm).

Thank you all very much for your help.

I guess you could contact the local reseller. For Germany there are multiple, for example http://www.datacad.de is in the Rheinland Pfalz region, which according to my rudimentary knowledge of German geography is close to Stuttgart.

Or check

PS. Is the - currently free while under development - copy of Rhinoceros for OS X not sufficient for your needs?

PPS. Parallels is not an officialy supported platform to run Rhino, the recommendation is to use Bootcamp.

Thank you for your reply. I am able to travel to a local reseller, but I was hoping for an online alternative. I think there are some resellers a bit closer than Rheinland, one about 30 minutes away actually. Is there currently no online paypal-esque payment form and download possibility for Rhino?

The OS X version is sufficient for Rhino needs, but unfortunately I have quite a few Grasshopper assignments including my own Studio projects that need Grasshopper scripting to populate structures and work with design. I am able to use the lab computers for Grasshopper, but I would like to be able to tinker with my script at home as it’s a full day commitment to go into University.

Thank you for your help. Assuming I am able to purchase the full Windows Version I’ll run bootcamp for it to ensure maximum performance. Even though it doesn’t make sense for large scale applications, the Rhino Eval and Revit 2013 actually runs well in wireframe and shaded viewports through parallels on a Macbook Air. It’s not official but I haven’t had any issues crashing yet with it.

No official one yet, no. The downloadable version now can be converted to a fully licensed version with a CD key. There are some dealers who will open the box and send you the key by e-mail…


Thanks guys. I’ll try that route and contact the dealer.

As a side-question…although running Rhino/Grasshopper on parallels isn’t recommended…Assuming I can use both Parallels and Bootcamp running off the same Windows. Would it be ok to model in Bootcamp and then do light editing and viewing of Grasshopper and Rhino models in parallels? For exporting views and doing photoshop/illustrator work. wondering if anyone has any experience doing this.

I don’t think that Rhino/Windows/Parallels is not recommended. It’s just not supported by McNeel. Many users have had minimal problems with it, if any, but if they did McNeel would probably not spend much time helping to diagnose the problem or any time at all making modifications to Rhino to fix it.

My experience with a 2012 Macbook Pro Retina is that the combination works fine. Specifically: Rhino 5 64bit, Win 8.1 64bit, Parallels 8.0, Mavericks. I probably should upgrade Parallels to 9.0

Although I haven’t tried it, it seems to me that the boot time on my Mac (with it’s solid state drive) is fast enough that using bootcamp would only be a minor inconvenience (but still more inconvenient than the Parallels setup with it’s instant switching from Mavericks to Windows). I do switch from full screen Mavericks to full screen Windows. If I remember right from my early trials, trying to run a Windows window on a Mountain Lion full screen had Rhino display issues.

BTW, as an American student have you just tried calling McNeel Sales in Seattle to see if they would sell directly to you?

Thanks for the information. If I get the bootcamp/parallels to work I’ll run like that, but I’ll definitely see how far parallels can push it, the instant switching is great, but you’re right about the SSD boot time.

I haven’t tried calling them yet. I could have someone state-side do it, but I’m not in the states so the call would be rather expensive. That’s a good idea, though. I’ll contact them first thing Monday morning. Everyone here has been extremely helpful thanks so much everyone.

Email should work, too. The Sales email address should be on the McNeel website.

if none of your German or European re-sellers come through for you, a good back up is these guys:

They are in the US but have always been very helpful to me in a pinch.