Rhino for Mac - Removed Features

Rhino for Mac RC1 (and hence the commercial release of Rhino for Mac) will ship with two features removed:

  1. PanelingTools
  2. Toucan Renderer

Owners of Rhino for Mac will be able to use these features in the WIP, but will need a license of Rhino for Mac to use the WIP. To download the latest WIP, visit http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/5B/wip

But why?

Toucan was removed because it is fundamentally incompatible with Rhino for Windows. We didn’t want the two platforms to create 3DM files that were partially incompatible. We appreciate and have considered many counter-arguments.

PanelingTools does not ship with Rhino for Windows, so we decided it shouldn’t ship with Rhino for Mac. Further, as Rhino for Mac matures, we plan to provide a plug-in architecture, and want to use PanelingTools as one of our first internal tests of that plug-in delivery system.

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I like having Paneling tools. But I understand. Looking forward to the WIP.

I didn’t even know Paneling was in there. Was under the impression it was plugin based and thus didn’t work, although had I known it was I’d have probably used it a lot.

So I dived back in and found several commands for it, but there’s no help available for them.

So am I reading this right that when we get a real license we can continue to use the latest / last WIP / Beta or whatever to have access to paneling tools?

Also, (for somebody who’s never used Rhino Windows) where can one find info about paneling and how to use it?


Hi LewnWorx,

PanelingTools has been part of Rhino for Mac WIP for a long time, but it was never added to the menu, toolbars or help. It is supported as a command based plugin (type “pt” and all the commands will auto-complete). Details and documentation (manuals) are posted here: http://v5.rhino3d.com/page/panelingtools-downloads

Although the manual is for Windows PT, it directly applies. The only difference is the options showing in the left panel in the Mac instead of the command line in Windows.

Yes, once you get the Rhino for Mac product, you can download the WIP and you will have access to PanelingTools commands just like you did prior to release.

So do we have costs?

Should that be owners of Rhino for Windows? If not where do we get this license we need to use the WIP?

Awesome, thanks for the info Raj.

I was utterly unaware it was in there, so I never messed with it, but it has all kinds of uses, and glad to know it’ll still be there (albeit with a WIP build) at release.

I’m one of these 2% mac folks who never used the windows version.

You have no idea how grateful I am you fine folks decided to do a Mac version. The last Mac modeler I used was EI’s ACIS based product and that was discontinued eons ago, so when I got back into 3D work my options were pretty limited.

Played with auto cad for mac for a bit, but to be honest it’s a miserable port at best where solids and nurbs are concerned.

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Nope. You’ll need a commercial or evaluation license of Rhino for Mac in order to run the current WIP.

Since we haven’t actually shipped yet (and you can’t buy a license) your only option currently is to use an evaluation license.

(I just fixed our download pages to send out eval licenses when you download the WIP).

Thanks @brian, i get it now. Thought it was if you had a Windows license you could get an “upgrade” to Mac license.

We’re not offering any upgrades or cross-grades for Rhino for Mac. There will be a couple different promotional price offerings coming up in the next few weeks. You’ll hear about them via email.

For now, everyone gets to test the evaluation licenses.

Good to know, I will keep my eyes Wide Open :sunglasses:

Good news, however, I’m still seeing a lot of bug reports. And this topic isn’t entirely clear to me yet, but let’s wait and see what McNeel will email us.

Is there also a special offer for people who have helped in the beta process or will it be the same license for everyone?

We will be sending a special offer to everyone that has been involved in the WIP/Beta process. To keep the price low, we are not going to add the overhead of strict policing. Because of that, I imagine others will take advantage of this limited-time special offer.

There are always bugs. We’ve got thousands of them logged and unfixed for Rhino for Windows - and it shipped way back in 1998.

You braggin’ or complainin’? :smiley:

In reality, even though I dived in somewhat late in the game, I haven’t ran into many show stoppers. Only had it crash once in nearly daily use so far, occasional glitches here and there, undocumented help features for various commands, and occasional redraw funkiness, but by an large, at least for the parts of the features I’ve used regularly it’s been quite solid.

Way more solid than EI’s modeler ever was, even on it’s second and third shipping release.

I think the biggest challenge at this point will be documentation. As one who’s never used Rhino in any form prior to this, it’s a fairly substantial learning curve, particularly in the UI front having had previous nurbs background in other apps.

I realize that the myriad of commands have been added on over the years on the windows side, but there’s a fair bit of inconsistency (understandibly so) in the naming of the commands and attemping to find them based off what one would think they might be called doesn’t always work so well. Learning this stuff sans comprehensive manual and smidgeons of web post this and out of date youTube tutorial that (which older versions often with differing names and icons for the commands) made the curve all the steeper. My main guide was an out of date V4 era book and even then the icons and names of the commands often did not match what was in the Mac version.

My guess is a fair number of your Mac buyers will be like me, first time Rhino users because they didn’t have windows and have just been waiting for a decent nurbs based alternative to what’s out there, and the differences in how the tools are laid out between the mac and windows variants makes following the mass of existing tuts and whatnot on the web a challenge, thus putting the larger burden of getting people up to speed on it back on you folks.


thanks for continuing to make it available via wip… in the middle of a project which has some paneling tools in the mix :wink:

When is the commercial release planned? Also, what will be the mechanism for us Betas to get the special offer?

Relax :smiley: All will become known in it’s time. I seriously doubt you will be left out.

Even though i will miss Toucan, I’m really looking foward for this new beta and eventually the new commercial version! Thanks for bringing Rhino to Mac!!!
In the commercial version will you add ketshot as a plug in like in windows?

This will be up to Luxion after the SDK / RDK is released for MacRhino.

I think a lot of the Windows Plugins will come to the Mac-Side. :smile:

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