Rhinoceros for Windows on MacBook (bootcamp or parallel)


I just bought a MacBook pro 15".
The mail reason is that my old laptop couldnt handel big rhinoceros models.
Now i want to get rhino for Windows on my MacBook.
My question is, what is the best way to do This?
Install Windows 7 with bootcamp or use parallel?
I only neer Windows for rhinoceros so i can also use grasshopper.

Thanks in adance!

Rhino 5 for Windows will run either way on the Mac, but McNeel only offers support if used with Bootcamp. I use it successfully on a Macbook Pro Retina 2012 with Parallels and Windows 8.1 for small models, but have noticed occasional display issues. I haven’t updated to Yosemite or Parallels 10 yet. It also worked for me with Windows 7. You will, I’m sure you realize, need a Windows installation either way. The tradeoff seems to be solid support vs speed and ease of transferring files and switching between OSX and Windows. The SSD on the Macbook Pro makes boot-up pretty quick compared to a HD, so Bootcamp might not be quite as tedious as on a HD machine. Of course, if you will ONLY be using the Macbook with Windows, Bootcamp is the obvious way to go.

I’ll never understand the logic of this…

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