Upgrade to Rhino 6 while traveling in USA with MacBook Pro

I live in China and am in USA on business for the the next week. I would like to upgrade my Rhino 5 for Windows to 6 while in USA to take advantage of the opportunity for an easy download. I am traveling with my MacBook Pro - no Windows installed. Can I buy the online upgrade and download the files to my MacBook, then transfer the downloaded files to my Windows workstation when I get back to China or do I need to download onto a Windows machine?

This sounds like an “offline” installation. The thing about the offline installation, however, is that the biggest part of it - a directory called “redist”, about a gig - needs to be downloaded by running the initially downloaded installation file. Under Windows. You could certainly download the installation file and borrow a Windows computer to download the redist, then copy them all to the Mac. Or a USB stick. Perhaps @brian has some suggestions.

Hi Abraham, there’s not a good way to do this on the Mac. You’ll need a Windows computer to do this. Here’s why:

You need to start the installer, click the gear icon next to “Install”, and then click “Download Packages for offline installation”. It’s simplest if your installer is in its own folder to do this, because it makes it easy to see all the other files that get downloaded for you.

Thanks, will wait till I’m back in China.