Pulling control points for rails after Sweep 2 Rails


I am using a Rhino 5 tutorial by Infinite Skills to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge. Anyway, the lesson on Sweep 2 Rails showed, after creating the surface, that you could turn on the control points for the rails, then pull the points and watch the surface distend as you moved the control point. Very cool except when I move the rails control points only the rails change not the surface. What am I missing?

Hilary Smith
Washington State

Hi Hilary,

I’m not sure the exact tutorial your referencing but I bet the Record History button at the bottom of Rhino was enabled prior to the Sweep2. If you record history, the curves will be the parent of the swept surface and editing them will update it.

Does that work?

Yes! Thank you so much, Brian! I would have never figured that out!