Sweep2 doesnt see surface change when rails moved after using record history


First use of Record History as I wish to see surface update if I move rails after a sweep2 is done.

see attached.

I turn on record history, select sweep2 command, select A and B for rails, then sweep with line C. ok result. I then see record history turn itself off.

I turn it on again and run command _sweep2, this time I select B and D for rails and sweep profile is E. ok result.

It (Rec Hist) turns itself off.

I get hold of B and D and move them down to deepen the slope and nothing happens.

What have I done wrong ?

Why does record history turn off after the one command,
History fail.3dm (59.1 KB)


Right click on the record history button to turn it on for more than one command. The default is set to off so it isn’t always recording history of everything. (Every copy of geometry would move if the parent got moved - not always desirable.)

Make sure update children is checked.

Didn’t download your file, but sweeps try to run through the profiles if the profile and rails don’t match up.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Works here, starting from scratch with the input curves - History seems not to be recorded in your file though.

History must be on, recording, when the command ends in order for it to be recorded- you can turn it on anytime from before the command starts to before it ends. Ending the command for any reason will turn off history and you’ll need to make sure it’s on for the restarted command if you cancelled. Note you’ll need to adjust the section curves if you move the rails or the surface will fall off of the rails.